Christmas Gifts from Germany is built on a love affair with Christmas and inspired by the Slow Christmas ideal. We’re encouraged to see how people are reclaiming this holiday and want to do our part to help them.

antique christmas3For us, Slow Christmas means dialing back the pace, sharing the holiday with family and friends and keeping it real.

It means connecting with our past and creating an atmosphere of warmth filled with things we love that tell stories — family recipes, the music of the season, and simple decorations with a history.


Christmas Traditions

It means less glitz and more real. No LEDs and fewer kilowatts. Less plastic and more wood. Less mass-produced and more small scale and hand-made. More artisans and family workshops and fewer corporations.

We have a soft spot in our heart for the Christmas candle holders, decorations, toys, vintage finds and folky treasures of Central Europe — the German-speaking countries in particular — and these are the products we’re proud to feature in our webstore.

Early Patent - Christmas Tree Candle Holder

Early Patent – Christmas Tree Candle Holder

Are we purists? No. Are we slaves to the past? No again. The treasures we offer have their own history, but you can use them in inventive ways to create your own Christmas design buzz and shape a holiday look that is unique to your home.

We hope you’ll love them, be inspired by them and use them as part of your holidays year after year! 

Thank you for shopping with us —  Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein Friedvolles Neues Jahr — Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!

— Your friends at Christmas Gifts from Germany


Christmas 1950s




Christmas 1920s-30s