Slow Christmas

A Christmas tree decorated with real candles is a wonder that cannot be described – It can only be experienced!

Christmas in Germany in the 1920s

Christmas in Germany in the 1920s
Christmas Gifts from Germany

In generations past, adorning your tree with candles was a Christmas standard. The sight is heart-stoppingly beautiful. And it was something you looked forward to every year.

Today, this simple pleasure is a rarity. Christmas tree candles faded into near-extinction in the 1920s and they’ve been long forgotten as successive generations went for the “newest-slickest-shiniest-brightest” Christmas decorations every year. Today, when it comes to Christmas lights, cheap electronic imports dominate the store shelves and LED rules.

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“Slow Christmas” is an idea whose time has come. Try it this year for a change. Christmas decorations are one way you can express how you feel about the holidays. Reset your family traditions. Get off the Christmas treadmill, pare back and go green. You can use something as simple and inexpensive as the lowly Christmas Tree Candle and Candle Clips as a place to start. Banish LED Christmas lights and get off the grid.

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You’ll love the look of candles on your tree and fall in love with the tranquility and beauty they spread throughout your home. Christmas candle holders and pendulum candle holders an appealing alternative:

They’re low-tech. The candle clips and pendulum candle holders are straightforward and easy to use.  They’re adjustable and perfectly functional.

They’re reusable. Pack your clip-on candle holders and pendulum Christmas candle holders up when you take down your tree.  They’re 100% reusable and will give you years of service. Christmas_Tree_Candle_Holders_from_Germany

They’re inventive and flexible. Use them side-by-side with mini electric lights, or alone. Christmas tree candle holders have enormous appeal as a vintage or antique decorating element, and they fit just as well with a modern, pared-back Christmas design vibe.

They’re absolutely beautiful. Gather friends and family around your tree and prepare to be dazzled. You’re breathing new life into a wonderful old tradition.